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About Us

The idea of Trailview Cabins started when several people would come to Mike’s Engine Works, another business that Julie McKillip and her husband own, and ask if there were cabins nearby that were along the trail where they could have a campfire. So when a piece of land became available along the trail, Julie decided to purchase the land and build cabins. The land already had a beautiful large farmhouse, which is also available to rent along the trail. In 2006, the cabins were finished and Julie officially opened for business.

About the Owner

Julie McKillip graduated from Darlington High School in 1977. Later on that same year, she married Mike McKillip. They farmed until 1988, when they decided to stop farming and move to town so that they could expand their other business, Mike's Engine Works. Eighteen years later, Trailview Cabins was created.

Julie and Mike McKillip have four children: Mark, Mitch, Jake, and Mandy. They also recently became grandparents: Adia, James, and Evelyn. When Julie isn't working at the family-owned businesses, she enjoys spending time with her sisters, babysitting her grandchildren, or just going for walks outside. Julie is very friendly and hopes to get the chance to meet you!

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